Magento Managed Cloud Hosting

Grow, convert, and gain trust from shoppers online with Solvature for Magento.

Solvature offers cloud hosting, diagnostics, performance and development operations for the Magento eCommerce platform. With our Magento solutions—MageCloud, MageRx and MageOps—the growth potential of your eCommerce business is infinite.


Grow your eCommerce audience with reliable page delivery.

Our team of Magento certified developers and experts will build the infrastructure of your online store based on your specific requirements. Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure and Cloudflares’ Content Delivery Network (CDN) enable your store to seamlessly adapt to increasing traffic—so you are always open for business.


Convert Magento store shoppers with swift page load times.

Online shopping is competitive—don’t lose out on business due to poor website performance. Solvature’s optimized, high-performance growth stack ensures a premium shopper experience that converts visits into revenue.


Gain trust from online shoppers with a secure checkout process.

Cloudflare’s end-to-end encryption and Amazon’s highly secure Linux distribution keep your customer’s personal information protected at all times—so both you and your shoppers can rest easy when it comes to using your online store.

MageCloud: AWS Infrastructure Management

Give your Magento store the best possible foundation for growth

Let us handle your hosting and systems administration while you focus on sales and revenue. With hosting tuned by Solvature on the scalable AWS cloud, you’ll stand out from the rest. MageCloud features AWS’s high-quality global cloud hosting services as well as Cloudflare’s powerful content delivery network, DDoS mitigation and more. Our team ensures that you will maintain the fastest possible load times backed by our performance and security monitoring for your online store. Plus, we’ll keep your software up-to-date, and ensure scalability and security.

Cloud Infrastructure Management

MageRx: Site audits and repairs

Secure your Magento store and speed up your site growth.

MageRx is our diagnostic and repair service. We’ll dive deep into your Magento eCommerce store to identify what is crippling your performance, end-user experience or security. Then, we’ll suggest and perform repairs to get your store back in shape—this typically includes anything from a core audit and extension audit to a malware scan and upgrade analysis. We also offer security patch and access audits to help you stay ahead of vulnerabilities and protect your data.

Make it work!

MageOps: Continuous site enhancements

Improve your online presence with our agile development and support.

MageOps is DevOps for Magento: Business operations integrated with development and deployment workflows. We offer continuous release planning, development testing, deployment, and monitoring and optimization services. Whether you're starting from scratch, re-platforming to Magento 2 or just need consultation and ongoing support for your existing site, we’ve got you covered. As Magento experts, we manage complex changes with reduced risk and ensure your store can reliably innovate and improve.

Make it Better!

Certified Magento Expertise

Your company is serious about eCommerce. We’re serious about Magento. Together, we can maximize your potential and grow your online store.

At Solvature, we understand the complexities of building and managing the best possible customer experience for your Magento store. Our team of Magento certified developers has been working on the platform for nearly a decade, and has seen it all. We can fix, deploy and improve anything you need for your eCommerce business.

We strive to empower your website’s performance to support your SEO, marketing and sales goals. With Solvature, you can grow, convert and gain trust from shoppers on Magento. So, what are you waiting for? Solvature is the partner you need to help maximize your Magento investment and maintain your competitive advantage. Contact us today to take the first step toward improving your Magento eCommerce business.

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We could go on and on rambling about how great we are when it comes to Magento, but don’t just take our word for it. Our satisfied customers tell the real story. Please reach out to us to learn more about our Magento solutions and the work we did for the companies below.

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