About Solvature

Since 2009, we have been continuously increasing our Magento knowledge. And now, it’s safe to call us Magento experts!

We understand all the ins and outs and complexities of building and managing an eCommerce store on the Magento platform. That’s why we created Solvature – to help you improve the performance and security of your Magento stores.

Development teams who aren’t familiar with Magento can create slow and insecure online stores. That means higher costs and less revenue for you.

We realized that many businesses on Magento were running into technical limitations that made it difficult for them to gain momentum with sales, SEO, and marketing efforts.

The Solvature team knows all about the development and operations of Magento.

We understand Magento hosting. We can ensure the platform operates correctly. We will also make sure that your technical investments are utilized, not wasted.

As a Magento agency, Solvature strives to bring out the best in your online store and help you increase growth and operations – whether that means working with our Amazon Web Services cloud hosting or troubleshooting and running security audits.

Our job as Magento experts is to weigh the pros and cons of any additions and customizations for your Magento store and effectively share the potential risks and rewards with you.

Ready to partner with Solvature to improve your Magento site and boost store growth? Simply introduce yourself to one of our team members below.

About our team

Juergen Schreck - Certified Magento Developer, President
Alexander Schreck - Business Development

To all of you, from all of us at Solvature - Thank you and Happy eCommerce!

Juergen Schreck