5 Reasons why your Magento store should be on AWS

5 Reasons why your Magento store should be on AWS

It’s undeniable. Amazon is everywhere – and that includes Magento

Along with offering famously fast shipping for any product you need, Amazon is a leading provider of cloud-based web hosting services. Amazon Web Services (AWS), their cloud services platform, includes compute power, database storage, content delivery, and more.

When using AWS for Magento hosting, the e-commerce possibilities are endless.

AWS can help optimize your Magento store by increasing the speed and performance of your site. Slow page load times, payment breaches, or a website crash can negatively impact your business and push away potential customers.

With AWS, you can be confident that your Magento store will be able to handle growth – and scale along with it.

Why should your Magento store be on AWS?

Here are the top five reasons why using Amazon Web Services for Magento hosting is best for your e-commerce store:

  1. Reliability. You want your Magento customers to return – and when they do, you want them to have a consistently good experience. AWS helps ensure you provide a good customer experience by way of cloud backups and protection. In fact, the Amazon EC2 Service Level Agreement promises 99.95 percent uptime.

  2. Affordability. Running a small business isn’t easy – especially when everything seems to cost more and more money! Fortunately, AWS is cost-effective because they offer on demand, pay-as-you-go pricing. They only ask you to pay for the services you’re using within the time period needed.

  3. High-quality global performance. AWS has the best infrastructure in their data centers, with a lot of resources in case anything goes wrong. Their web hosting performance is fast and reliable – and they let you host your store in multiple locations around the world. So, if you ever want to expand your business to other countries, you can rest assured that AWS can support that growth.

  4. Security. This is always a big concern in the world of e-commerce. Security must be a critical component of your Magento store. Amazon is a well-known, reputable company with a lot of security power behind it. Similarly, the AWS cloud computing environment has secured access, built-in firewalls, encrypted data storage, and private subnets.

  5. Scalability. We believe this is the primary reason to move to AWS: It’s easily scalable to keep up with changing business needs. If you need more server power, space, or memory, for example, it’s a simple switch for our team of Magento experts. All of our AWS solutions are integrated and flexible.

How Solvature can help you use AWS for Magento

Amazon Web Services clearly offers the best option when it comes to Magento hosting. Although AWS is user friendly, it still requires some technical skill to maintain.

If you're a non-technical user, then you need someone with Magento expertise to maintain your AWS environment so you can keep growing your store. That’s where Solvature comes in.

Solvature has a team of Magento experts who can guide you through using Amazon Web Services for your Magento store. We recommend using AWS for Magento hosting in order to improve your store’s performance, flexibility, and security.

We’ve mastered AWS cloud deployment.

MageCloud – our AWS Magento cloud service – features high-performance, scalable technology. With MageCloud, you can be confident that we have it all under control – from monitoring to problem solving.

To learn more about hosting your Magento store on AWS and Solvature’s MageCloud services, visit us here. To speak with someone from our team about improving your Magento store today, contact us at 800-781-7146.