3 Technical E-commerce Mistakes You Need to Avoid

3 Technical E-commerce Mistakes You Need to Avoid

E-commerce grew 47% in 2016. With 80% of Americans shopping online on a monthly basis, smart retailers are seizing the opportunity to build a growing e-commerce business now. However, the best online retailer’s intentions can be thwarted by three very common technical errors.

Failing to optimize your mobile experience

Shopping statistics from Black Friday 2017 showed that 37% of e-commerce sales were made on a mobile device. The acceptance of mobile shopping indicates that for e-commerce merchants, an quality mobile shopping experience is no longer optional. Failing to optimize your site for mobile purchases will negatively impact your sales as shoppers become more discriminating about their online user experiences.

In addition, Google is using “mobile-first indexing” to determine search engine rankings. This means the performance of your mobile site will be considered as the baseline for your rankings rather than the performance and optimization of your desktop site. Retailers who want good search engine rankings (and who doesn’t?) will be wise to ensure their mobile sites are built to the most up-to-date standards.

Not using an HTTPS certificate

According to Google, “You should always protect all of your websites with HTTPS, even if they don’t handle sensitive communications.” HTTPS protects the integrity of your website by preventing intruders from compromising your website and obtaining sensitive information. In addition, Google is emphasizing website security and HTTPS certificates when considering search engine rankings. Keep your site secure and keep your shoppers’ information secure. Use an HTTPS certificate.

A complicated check-out process

If your shoppers are abandoning carts at a high rate, look at your check-out process. You don’t want customers to shop your site only to abandon the cart due to a complicated check-out process. Many larger e-commerce websites use some form of one-step checkout or guest checkout, influencing consumer expectations for ease of use. Fortunately, Magento 2 provides an upgraded checkout experience, including the ability to offer guest checkout.

As the world of e-commerce becomes more competitive, avoiding these three mistakes can help your business succeed where others might fail. Be sure your developer understands the technical best practices that will provide your customers with the best user experience and your site with the best opportunity to maximize sales.