High-speed, sustainable Magento cloud hosting

Solvature offers the best performance for your Magento store with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Cloudflare. AWS is a pioneer in global cloud hosting and Cloudflare offers a powerful content delivery network, DDoS mitigation, and more. We’re proud to partner with these industry-leading companies to provide you with our high-quality Magento cloud solution.

Fully managed Amazon Web Services infrastructure

Your growing online store is driven largely by sales and revenue. And success in eCommerce means relying on advancing technology to provide high performance with secure, scalable solutions that sustain shopper demands. But do you or your busy IT department have the resources and expertise to provide adequate support for hosting and system administration? Probably not. That’s why you need Solvature.

As veteran Magento experts, we have mastered the craft of deploying Magento on our high-performance stack in the AWS cloud. We understand the complexities of building and managing the best possible customer experience for your eCommerce store. Our AWS Magento cloud solution features high-performance technology that is scalable, reliable and secure. We’ll keep your systems up-to-date with the latest software releases and security updates for every server that is part of your application cluster.

Hosting your site with Solvature’s AWS Magento cloud solution ensures you’ll experience the fastest possible load times, consistently high performance and top-of-the-line security monitoring, as well as expert support from our team. We’ve been working with Magento since the beginning and customers trust our eCommerce expertise.

Built For Speed

Our optimized, high-performance stack is comprised of Nginx, PHP, Redis and Varnish Cache – as well as Cloudflare's powerful CDN. Combine that with Solvature’s on-the-fly content optimization technologies, and you will be able to give your customers the kind of high-speed performance that converts to sales. We feature the latest software and system updates and perform ongoing reviews to ensure the fastest services.

Ready to Scale

At Solvature, we don’t box you in. We evaluate your specific requirements and build the unique infrastructure that fits your online store. However modest your needs may be at the outset, the capabilities of AWS modular cloud infrastructure are readily available to grow with you.

Responsibly Secured

Availability is king. We strive to keep your AWS Magento cloud solution accessible and safe. Cloudflare Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection, Web Application Firewalls (WAF) and state of the art SSL/TLS encryption ensures that cyber attacks are stopped before they come anywhere near your AWS cluster.

Diligently Monitored

Uptime isn’t the only important metric here. Our server and web monitoring services make sure we’re aware of any security threats or performance bottlenecks that may occur within your AWS Magento solution—and that we’re ready to take action at the network, system or application level.

Reliably Backed Up

With Solvature’s Magento cloud hosting, we are always ready for back-ups if the unexpected occurs. Our fully-managed nightly AMI imaging ensures that we have the latest version of your valuable code sources, media element and databases. And that’s not all—we can restore your infrastructure in the minimum amount of time and ensure high-quality security while your competition struggles to find a developer with the last copy of their site.

Professionally Supported

Typically, the usefulness of any managed service rises and falls with its availability and quality support. That’s not the case with Solvature. We pride ourselves on our Magento expertise and our customers’ experience, and we’re accessible around the clock via phone, email and our ticketing system. Let us know what you need and our experts will be ready to engage, find and fix any problem you encounter within your AWS Magento cloud solution.

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