When migrate to Magento® 2?

If you are already asking the question, it is probably time to consider it.

Since 2008, Magento® has been the most flexible eCommerce platform on the market. Due to its open source nature and flexibility, users can create online stores perfectly matching their needs, products, services, and brand.

But by June 2020, Magento® 1 will no longer be officially supported!

If you are running a serious business with a long-term vision of growing and thriving in the marketplace, you’re better off on a platform that supports that long term vision. All new developments and modern technologies like Progressive Web Apps will be developed and improved on Magento® 2, not Magento® 1.

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Why migrate to Magento® 2?

You have the option of staying on Magento® 1 Open Source, but there are a few things you should consider:

  1. The community developers will have to maintain and patch the core. Adobe will not!
  2. Even if the core is maintained, you need to consider the installed extensions. Extension developers will be investing their resources for the future, not legacy code – so unmaintained extensions can be back doors for hackers.
  3. The time and money you continue to invest in Magento 1 will have to be redone on Magento® 2.

If you have a Magento® 1 store, but you want…


  • More modern marketing tools that can boost your traffic, sales and revenue
  • More reliable performance that ensures customers can always reach your site and have a seamless user experience
  • Solid security to protect your site, your data, and most importantly, your customers
  • Up-to-date community solutions to patch, improve and fine-tune your store performance


… then you should consider migrating.

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The migration process

Here is how we approach your migration at Solvature:

  • We analyze your business needs, services, and opportunities.
  • We review your current site – themes, extensions and solutions that were uniquely developed.
  • We prepare for the process: recommend changes if needed, extensions and integrations to help you can achieve the best results.
  • We set up a Magento® 2 installation on a staging server.
  • We install new versions of all existing commercial 3rd party modules that you plan on using going forward
  • We create a mapping to migrate your settings, product catalog, customers, sales history and 3rd party data to the new installation.
  • Throughout the entire process, we continue to migrate new customers, orders and product data, keeping the database in constant sync with your current storefront.
  • We re-build the custom-built modules of your previous site in a way so that they work with Magento® 2.
  • Themes cannot be migrated, however, we can recreate your previous one or create a new one for the Magento® 2 iteration. We activate the store with the proper hosting, and you can take over.

We do all the work and preserve everything you loved about your Magento® 1 store - and make it better for you.

We are Magento® first!

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