Effective end-to-end Magento web development operations

You can’t have a successful eCommerce business without a functioning website.

Between new services, product updates, and the latest technology, your Magento store site needs constant monitoring, development support, and systems administration behind the scenes.

That’s where Solvature comes in: We created MageOps to help you with all of your Magento web development and operational needs.

MageOps is DevOps for Magento

We’ve integrated our business operations with development and deployment to offer you continuous:

  • Release planning.
  • Testing.
  • Optimization services.
  • And much more.

At Solvature, our experienced development and operations teams know your system infrastructure and can provide development support at the application layer. We can guide you through the world of fast-paced online retail and give your site the attention it needs – resulting in an impressive website performance

With MageOps, your Magento store will be more reliable and able to adapt more quickly as you evolve.

Certified Magento Expertise

We are Magento experts, first and foremost. Our Solvature team members have been working with Magento for nearly a decade.

We bring strong project management skills, systems administration experience, and stringent quality assurance standards to every deployment and maintenance task. We ensure that your store’s speed and security provide the best possible user experience for your customers.

With Solvature’s DevOps solution, MageOps, you’ll receive complete system infrastructure support – allowing you to focus on making the buying, pricing, and marketing decisions needed to run your eCommerce business.

We'll help you:

  • Keep your competitive advantage.
  • Preserve and maintain your reputation.
  • Ensure your website’s performance supports your SEO, marketing and sales goals.

Of course, we’ll leave the process specifics of MageOps up to you. We can take the lead on your DevOps for Magento, or we can work hand-in-hand with your IT team to ensure that site updates are integrated and automated to produce predictable results.

Ultimately, we’ll help you drive more shoppers to your Magento site, gain their trust, and convert them into customers.

Agile DevOps Process

Principled DevOps Practice

What makes DevOps effective? It’s all about optimizing the factors that support efficient development and ensuring that the architecture that backs any development efforts is sufficient.

Solvature’s MageOps improves the Magento web development process and helps you get more out of the platform. With a little boost from MageOps, your online store will be scalable and secure.

MageOps combines business operations with high-quality Magento web development and deployment. Every release cycle begins with defining objectives and planning the features of the release before moving into the development phase.

Nothing gets deployed to the production environments without thorough testing. Once deployed, new features are monitored and optimized to ensure that all of your business goals are being met.

At Solvature, our development and operations teams are comprised of Magento experts. Let us guide you as you plan, build, deploy, and optimize your Magento store now – so you can continue to grow your eCommerce business in the future.

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