Diagnostics and remedies for ailing Magento stores

MageRx is our diagnostic and repair process that identifies existing issues or potential concerns with your Magento eCommerce store.


Solvature’s MageRx can help if, for example, your website is suffering from poor performance or unacceptable end-user experiences.

Our MageRx service can also detect Magento security vulnerabilities that can hinder your ability to efficiently conduct business online.

An experienced Magento consultant from the Solvature team can guide you on your diagnostic, repair, and prevention journey to ensure that your online store is in the best shape possible. We can:

  • Check for proper Magento installations.
  • Establish the correct code base.
  • Tighten your Magento security.
  • And much more.

MageRx Audit Scope

Below we break down the different audits, scans, and services available within MageRx.

Core Audit

Chalk it up to quick hacks or coding inexperience. Either way, your Magento core code should never be modified for customization purposes. If it has been tampered with, it can cause unexpected problems when you want to upgrade your software or install Magento security patches.

Fortunately, we can fix it!

A certified Magento consultant will scan for any core code modifications and suggest appropriate remedies. We’ll make sure your Magento store’s foundation is as solid as possible – making it one less thing you have to worry about as a busy eCommerce business owner.

Extension Audit

Do you know which extensions are active in your Magento installation and why? We’ll provide a full record of every extension installed and give you an update on your online store’s health.

For commercial extensions, our team will check the installed version against the current available version and determine what feature the extension provides – and whether you will actually use it.

We will also examine and discuss what should be upgraded, replaced, or removed within your Magento extensions.

Read more about our extension audits.

Security Patch Audit

Getting ahead of Magento security vulnerabilities and installing patches to remedy them can be a daunting task! With all of the changing software and systems today, it's easy to miss something and fall behind – potentially leaving your site and your customers exposed.

To stay on top of your Magento security, the Solvature team will:

  • Monitor your sites for security vulnerabilities.
  • Ensure your online store is up-to-date.
  • Compile a list of available and installed patches.

Access Audit

Who has access to your Magento admin panel? Are there any past developers or employees still on the list? It’s time to clean up your site’s access to ensure it’s safe.

We’ll help you review admin user and API accounts – including their roles and privileges – along with a review of password policies and strengths. This is an essential step in fortifying your Magento security now, and it will set your store up for future success.

Malware Scan

If you've fallen behind on patching security at the application or system level, it’s likely that you’ve already been compromised. Hackers can place malicious code into your database or code files without you even knowing.

But don’t worry – we’re here for you!

Solvature’s Magento consultants have years of experience in identifying these threats to your security. We'll scan for suspicious activity and neutralize any threats we find. Plus, we’ll help you avoid Magento security problems down the road.

Upgrade Analysis

Our goal is to help you grow, convert, and gain trust from online shoppers. To do so, you need a solid Magento foundation.

If your Core, Extension and Patch Audits uncover enough issues, it may make more sense to upgrade your entire Magento system rather than applying patches individually. We’ll discuss the tradeoffs with you and determine the best way to achieve a clean, up-to-date code base.

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