MageRx Extension Audit: Are your Magento extensions healthy?

When you’re running a business and managing an e-commerce site, Magento extensions probably aren’t at the top of your priority list. But Magento extensions play an important role in your store’s overall health – from functionality to security.

Magento extensions, or blocks of PHP code, are installed in modules to extend specific functionalities and add custom features within your Magento store.

For example, Magento extensions can modify:

  • Site themes
  • Payments
  • Shipping and fulfillment
  • Marketing tools
  • Web integrations

Magento extensions can make a large impact on the appearance of your e-commerce store, or they can just modify a miniscule detail on the backend. Either way, Magento extensions are powerful tools for Magento store owners and less technical users.

However, Magento extensions can also cause problems. This can be due to different versions, software upgrades, and extension compatibility.

That’s why it’s beneficial to work with Magento experts like Solvature. We’ll conduct an Extension Audit and examine the overall health of your store from a technical standpoint – so you can stay focused on running your business and growing your customer base.

Why Magento extensions can be good

Why are Magento extensions a positive to websites?

For starters, they provide flexibility to customize your online store. They also empower non-developers to change features and solve business needs without programming skills.

However, many users don’t realize that there is more than meets the eye with some of these modules. To maintain a healthy Magento site, your extensions must be checked regularly.

Do you really need that extension? Is the latest extension you installed compatible with the others? Do you know the source that you downloaded it from? And what about the old versions of your extensions

Although Magento extensions are easy to install, they can hinder your website’s performance.

We'll help ensure that doesn't happen to you.

At Solvature, we’ve been working with Magento sites since 2009. We understand how to best manage extension modules

It can be easy to go overboard with extensions – whether that means installing those you don’t need or losing track of what’s active and why. And, the extension modules can be downloaded from a variety of sources within the Magento community, which can lead to unknowns if an extension isn't from a trusted, large vendor.

That’s where the value of our MageRx Extension Audit comes in.

MageRx Extension Audit

Solvature is here to ensure your Magento site is healthy, and running as efficiently and securely as possible.

Partnering with us to conduct an Extension Audit means you’re taking a crucial step toward improving the functionality of your e-commerce store.

Here's what the Solvature team will do for you:

  • We’ll dive in to all of your Magento extensions to provide a full record of everything that has been installed.
  • We'll share an overall site health update.
  • We'll check your installed extension versions against current available versions to confirm whether you need each feature or update.
  • We’ll assess which of your extensions are necessary and which you could do without.
  • We’ll tell you which of your Magento extensions need to be upgraded, replaced, or removed.

Our MageRx service offers diagnostics and remedies for ailing Magento stores. Contact us below to start improving your Magento site functionality today.

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