great lakes skipper case study


The Nr. 1 Marine Surplus Superstore

“Solvature provides the service and expertise we have sought for over a decade.”
Daniel – Operations Manager


  • Great Lakes Skipper with its increasing online store inventory of over 40,000 items offers one of the widest range of boating products to the industry.
  • They have engaged 5 different development and operations companies in the last 12 years all in an attempt to obtain high quality service and value for our website operations.
great lake skipper case study results

The challenge

Enhancing online presence by providing stability, innovation, and agility.

  • GLS's largest issue was finding a single-source that could effectively develop and execute their website from both the application level as well as the LAMP stack.
  • Besides getting the job done Daniel was looking for a partner who instead of seeking to maintain the status quo in a business, drives to move the company forward, increasing revenues and market footprint.
  • The website had suffered from regular problems, structural deficiencies, and an external stressor. All these issues needed to be taken care of for good in an efficient and timely manner.

What we did

Providing a single source to administer all Magento needs and its operation.

  • Fixed all high level problems
  • Introduced new features to enhance user experience
  • Rebuilt the whole infrastructure to increase performance
  • Consultation on improving functionality

Tangible results

Increased sales, improved functionality and transparent operation.

150% (1.5x) increase in order volume

100% client satisfaction

"We sleep better at night during our peak season" Daniel -- Operations Manager

380% (3.8x) increase in server response time

37% increased conversion rate

250% (2.5x) faster user experience

Directly due to the reconstruction of the site.

Streamlined project management and communication.

Clear responsibilities and processes. Milestones and goals are clearly communicated and managed. No nonsense approach.

0 minutes of unplanned downtime in 2018.

There are no crashes anymore.

Well over 100% improvement in website function

Directly due to the reconstruction of the site.

Let’s create something profitable together!