miniature market case study


Online Gaming Superstore

since 2004

With and inventory expanded over 50,000 products and a warehouse of 60,000 square MinitureMarket’s the top priorities are:


  • providing excellent user experience on the front-end so customers can easily find the product they are looking for
  • and scalability on the backend so that no matter how big a sale they do checkout and delivery are frictionless.

The challenge

Keeping up with mobile trends and the increased demand.

  • The lack of a frictionless experience for users on mobile devices.
  • Inadequate hosting and support hindered sales and growth.
  • Finding the right technological solution to specific issues without throwing oodels and oodels of money at it.

What we did?

Improved mobile experience and stabilized operations.

  • Moving infrastructure from a fixed server to a dynamic, scalable AWS solution without any additional cost.
  • Develop and launch a custom responsive theme in timely and cost-effective manner without any disruptions in daily operations of the business.
  • By providing a single point of access we helped MM correct things that are broken on the fly, at the minute they appeared.

Tangible results

Higher performance, better mobile experience and ease of mind.

50% cost reduction

Migrated the site from dedicated to AWS Cloud resulting in 50% cost reduction without sacrificing performance - handling about 500 orders per day and scaling effortlessly and transparently for sales events with 4,000+ order per day.

Increase from 14% to 40%

Having a mobile responsive theme increased the percentage of mobile users from 14% to 40% in 2 years.

Effortless scalability

No more restrictions during sales and marketing campaigns. Scalable and dynamic infrastructure.

Ease of mind

The time required to tackle any challenge is now close to zero due to having a single point of access at Solvature.

100% uptime

No more crashes.

Let’s create something profitable together!