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When the company found Solvature they had been struggling to find a Magento first, full-stack partner who was able to come up with quick, accurate, and specific solutions to their needs and to communicate its implementation in a timely manner.

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The challange

Rescue the project before Q4

  • They were not only overburdened with hosting cost, but the site wasn’t fast enough either.
  • There were several technical issues that needed to be reviewed and fixed, e.g. API connection.
  • The development of the site was running late and over budget. It needed to be fixed before the holiday season.
  • During the transitionary period many security issues arised.

What we did

Prioritized, optimized, rebuilt

  • Reviewed the code and infrastructure. Prioritized issues and identified who needed to do what, developed a plan and then started the rescue.
  • Many vulnerabilities were discovered and responded to immediately.
  • Improved site performance while reducing overall cost.
  • Weeded out all unnecessary technical debt, and all immediate issues & vulnerabilities were tackled before the holiday season.
  • The new customized theme was finished in 9 weeks, in time for the holiday season.

Tangible results

Higher performance, better mobile experience, and ease of mind.

Hardened security

Vulnerabilities were discovered and responded to immediately.

Reduced cost

Decreased the direct hosting cost by nearly 50% and considerably sped up the server response time.

New front-end developed in 9 weeks

The new theme was developed with best practices for mobile.

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